25 January 2022 - Jetti Resources (“Jetti”) is pleased to announce that Jetti and Teck Resources Limited (“Teck”) have signed an agreement for the evaluation of Jetti’s technology at Teck’s copper assets.

Jetti’s technology could be well suited for application at a number of Teck’s assets with potential copper resources outside of existing mine plans. Jetti’s technology integrates seamlessly with existing leach technology to recover copper trapped in ore which was previously not considered for traditional processing.

Evaluation of Jetti’s technology has already begun and considers testing programs and the establishment of on-site catalyst addition facilities where appropriate to test run-of- mine material. Thereafter, and subject to satisfactory results and receipt of all relevant approvals, Jetti will work with Teck to potentially implement the technology at
commercial scale.

Teck and Jetti will also work together to measure and assess the environmental benefits which could result from the application of Jetti’s technology to already mined material. Such benefits are expected to include reductions in water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and power consumption.

In addition to the agreement, Teck has also made an investment in Jetti. The investment has the potential to generate economic benefits for both parties and will support the acceleration of testing programs and potential further deployment of Jetti’s technology at Teck sites.

Teck recognizes the vital role copper will play in transitioning to a low-carbon world and our focus is on responsibly growing copper production to help meet that need. Jetti’s technology has the potential to support this objective and we look forward to working with the Jetti team to explore opportunities to enable the production of additional copper at our operations.

Shehzad Bharmal, Senior Vice President for Base Metals for Teck

We are delighted to partner with Teck to assess the potential for Jetti’s technology
and welcome them as new investors. We are excited to have an opportunity to
demonstrate the significant commercial and environmental benefits which could be
created from the application of our technology through sustained reductions in water
usage, energy consumption and emissions.

Mike Outwin, CEO and Co-Founder of Jetti Resources