We are committed to meeting the highest standards of ethical conduct in our work and in our interactions with third parties.

We developed a set of guiding principles that define how we approach sustainability and a sustainability action plan.

Our Sustainability Guiding Principles 


Integrate sustainability considerations into key decision-making, including financial decisions


Reduce the environmental impact of our operations by minimizing energy, waste, water, and our carbon footprint


Provide a safe and healthy workplace that is equitable, fair, and inclusive for all


Help our partners meet their sustainability goals


Extend sustainability through our supply chain


Be transparent and authentic about our sustainability progress

In 2021, we completed our first materiality assessment to determine Jetti’s most salient Environmental, Social, and Governance opportunities using the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s Five Factor Test. After reviewing the results of the materiality assessment, we developed a framework that organizes six material topics into three workstreams. These topics are integrated across key areas of  Jetti.

Environmental Responsibility

Product Sustainability

Great Place to Work

Carbon and Climate

Product Lifecycle Management

Health and Safety

Natural Resource Management

Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Equity and Inclusion