Boulder, USA, August 2, 2022 - Jetti Resources (“Jetti” or the “Company”), which has developed a breakthrough copper extraction technology, has today published its first Sustainability Report, and set out a roadmap to demonstrate how it can support the production of copper with a lower environmental impact.

Jetti was founded in 2014 with the vision of using its technology to revolutionize the copper industry – making it more efficient, lower impact, and a better steward of the world’s scarce resources. Our first Sustainability Report sets out Jetti’s general approach to sustainability and the policies, processes, and programs we are implementing.

2021 Sustainability Report Highlights

  • Formed a Sustainability Steering Committee, comprising senior leadership of the Company and a range of Jetti employees in relevant roles.
  • Completed our first materiality assessment to determine Jetti’s most salient ESG opportunities, working with an outside sustainability consultancy and using the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s (“SASB”) Five Factor Test.
  • Completed a peer benchmark and gap analysis to identify current ESG strengths and weaknesses and prioritize future initiatives.
  • Drafted a Sustainability Action Plan with tasks, timelines, and goals for each material topic.
  • Published a suite of company policies including a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, and a Whistleblower Policy.

2022 Sustainability Roadmap Goals

Jetti is committed to achieving the following milestones during 2022:

  • Conducting a carbon footprint study and Life Cycle Assessment (“LCA”). The LCA will include analyses of typical copper mining operations without Jetti’s technology and a mining operation with Jetti’s technology installed. The LCA is being conducted in conformance with the ISO 14040/44 standard and will be critically reviewed by an independent expert.
  • Introducing a new Supplier Code of Conduct, and a Labor and Human Rights Policy.
  • Begin tracking water usage and waste at all our operations and sites.
  • Continuing Jetti’s track record of zero workplace injuries and occupational diseases across its operations.

This year marks the first year in Jetti’s sustainability reporting journey and sets out how we will responsibly enable the production of the copper that the world needs for the clean energy transition. In our first Sustainability Report, we have defined Jetti’s most salient ESG opportunities and set clear goals and timelines to achieve our strategy. We have aligned our reporting with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and have empowered a broad base of Jetti employees to achieve our goals.

We have made important commitments for the year ahead, including completion of a life cycle assessment of our technology and a carbon footprint study. These efforts will clearly demonstrate Jetti’s advantages in producing copper with a low carbon footprint and low water consumption, when compared to traditional milling and refining methods.

We are now entering a pivotal period in Jetti’s growth, and I look forward to reporting on our progress next year as we continue to deliver on our objectives.

Mike Outwin, Jetti’s CEO